Jets Ex-GM admits Tebow trade was a Mistake

20140118-130238.jpgWhile doing an interview on “The DA Show” on CBS sports radio, Mike Tannenbaum admitted that one of the mistakes he made while being the New York Jets GM was making the trade for Tim Tebow. To that, I say, NO S**T SHERLOCK!!! I mean, let’s just all be honest here. Tim Tebow doesn’t belong under center in the NFL. He just doesn’t. You wanna change his position. Make him a running back or fullback or h-back, go for it. But as a quarterback? Nope, not going to be able to do it.

Tannenbaum and the Jets Head Coach, Rex Ryan, traded for Tebow and didn’t have a clue about what to do with him. They explained the trade, saying they had all types of plans for Tebow, how he was going to help the offense. During the preseason, you barely saw Tebow. Had everybody thinking they had something sneaky up their sleeves. Well, that didn’t come to pass either. They used Tebow as a punt protector. And didn’t even run any fakes. So they gave up a fourth round pick for a guy to carry a clipboard.

Tebow’s season with the Jets was a joke. His introductory press conference told the tale. Not one of the Jets decision makers attended Tebow’s press conference. Not Tannenbaum, not Ryan, not the owner of the Jets, Woody Johnson. No one was there except Tebow and the reports. Now, if that isn’t a bad omen, I don’t know what is. For you to have Tebow on your roster, with all the media hype surrounding him, and NO ONE shows as his news conference, that is just messed up. Showed a lack of confidence from the very beginning. It’s just laughable that now Tannenbaum wants to admit the mistake that everyone except him and the Jets organization knew was a mistake when the trade went down.

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