Women Who Get A Lumpectomy Has Higher Survival Rates #BreastCancer


According to this Reuters article

A new review of a decade’s worth of U.S. cancer statistics finds that women who got breast-conserving surgery and radiation to treat early-stage cancer were less likely to die from breast cancer during the next 10 years than those who had their breasts removed.

Researchers found that 94 percent of women who had lumpectomy and radiation between 1998 and 2008 had not died of breast cancer after 10 years, compared to about 90 percent of the women who had mastectomy, with or without radiation.

“We can see what’s happening in modern-day practice,” Dr. Shailesh Agarwal said. “Patients who are undergoing breast conservation therapy – versus patients who are undergoing mastectomy – are having better survival.”

Read more on the study on Reuters. Also read the Jama Surgery report.

As always, research your findings, get many different opinions. Do what YOU feel is in YOUR best interest, if you are faced in this situation.

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