Sherlock Season Three Premieres


One of the MOST brilliant shows on tv today is Sherlock. This show has everything you could want in a drama. The acting is spot on, the writing is amazing. Each episode is a movie, and it enthralls you for the full 90 minutes of airtime. Sherlock is of course based on the books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, based in modern times. Benedict Cumberbatch is AMAZING as Sherlock Holmes. He has the arrogance, the insight, the skills of deduction that define who Sherlock Holmes is. As for Dr. Watson, Martin Freeman becomes the window into world as Sherlock sees it.

Season three debuted on PBS Sunday night. The world has waited two years for this. Season two ended in quite the cliffhanger, and everyone has waited with bated breathe to see how they pull it off. Without giving anything away, I will say the show did not disappoint. It was worth the wait. The show was amazing, and has me anxious for the next episode. This gives me something to fill my Sunday nights until The Walking Dead returns on February 9th. So, if you want to watch a show that will make ur mind work, and have you thinking and watching every little thing, then Sherlock is the show for you. You can catch up on Netflix, and watch the new episodes on PBS.


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