SuperBowl XLVIII Movie Trailer Commercials

Guardians of the galaxy

The good folks at ScreenCrush compiled a list of movies trailers that are going to be aired during SuperBowl XLVIII.

‘Transformers 4‘
Michael Bay confirmed last month that the first ‘Transformers 4′ trailer would run during the 2014 Super Bowl with another theatrical trailer arriving shortly thereafter. What can we expect to see in the big ‘Transformers: Age of Extinction’ reveal? Hopefully our first look at the rumored Dinobots. Bay’s ‘Transformers’ films haven’t always been the most satisfying movie experiences, but they do give good trailer. Expect the :30 ‘Transformers 4′ trailer to run during the first quarter.
‘Amazing Spider-Man 2‘
Also confirmed in December was that Sony had purchased a 2014 Super Bowl slot for a new ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ trailer. Unlike ‘Transformers 4,’ we’ve already seen a handful of ‘Amazing Spider-Man 2′ footage, so we don’t anticipate a major reveal, more like a solid condensing of the existing trailer. It’s possible they’ll use this spot to give more exposure to Rhino and/or Green Goblin, but a safer bet is more concentration on the Spider-Man/Electro battle that has been at the center of the marketing campaign so far.
‘Captain America 2‘
The ‘Captain America 2′ trailer (and sneak peek with ‘Thor: The Dark World’) was very well-received and Disney and Marvel have opted to capitalize on that buzz in advance of the film’s April release with a 2014 Super Bowl spot. The Helicarrier crash is the big money shot spectacle that goes over well in Super Bowl trailers, so we wouldn’t be surprised to see that as a part of Disney and Marvel’s just-confirmed ‘Captain America 2′ Super Bowl trailer.
‘Need for Speed‘
While a ‘Need for Speed’ Super Bowl trailer has yet to be confirmed, there are a few signs pointing in that direction. For one, we know Disney has purchased ad time during the 2014 Super Bowl (‘Need for Speed’ is a DreamWorks film, but is being released by Walt Disney Pictures). Second, ‘Need for Speed’ opens just over a month after the Super Bowl airs and the added promotion could give it the most real impact (in terms of box-office and awareness). Finally, it just seems to fit. Universal had previously used the Super Bowl to advertise it’s flagship racing franchise, but with ‘Fast and Furious 7′ pushed to 2015, the landscape is wide open for ‘Need for Speed’ to hit that demographic.
‘X-Men: Days of Future Past‘
20th Century Fox has made a habit out of not commenting on their Super Bowl ad buys, so at this point, we don’t even know if they have purchased a spot or what they plan to do with it. BUT…the 2014 Super Bowl airs on FOX, so why not use their own time to advertise one of their own movies. If a 20th Century Fox movie were to be promoted, it could be the upcoming ‘X-Men’ film, which promises to be one of the biggest movies of the summer. Or…
‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes‘
One could argue that ‘X-Men: Days of Future Past’ will be one of the biggest movies of the summer regardless of a 2014 Super Bowl trailer. If Fox wanted to promote one of its up-and-coming properties (one with considerably less star power), they could promote this summer’s ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.’ Fox has enough faith in this film to already start developing the upcoming sequel, so why not show off a variation on the teaser trailer?

I had to save the best for last:

‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘
UPDATE: New word says that Disney is actively trying to acquire a third spot during the 2014 Super Bowl, with speculation that they will use that time to publicly reveal the first ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ trailer. The previous two spots will go to ‘Captain America 2′ and ‘Need For Speed’ and the only additional film on their 2014 slate that would make sense for such an expensive buy is their other Marvel film this summer.

Check out the other movies that are going to be aired during SuperBowl XLVIII ScreenCrush

I must say that I’m surprised Disney is shelling out that much money to promote all three movies when Guardians Of The Galaxy isn’t being released until August. Either way Marvel as always will be DOMINATING the SuperBowl! Which trailer are you interested in? Leave the comments below.

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