The State Of Utah Is Giving Homes To The Homeless

Nation Of Change wrote an article about the homeless issues in certain states and the laws for them. Well, apparently Utah has been dwindling the number of homeless people throughout the years, by giving them homes. How dope is that! You never know what the reason why people are homeless, but we all have that fear in our subconscious that we hope that this will never happen to us.


Take a look at what UTAH did for the homeless.

In eight years, Utah has quietly reduced homelessness by 78 percent, and is on track to end homelessness by 2015.

How did Utah accomplish this? Simple. Utah solved homelessness by giving people homes. In 2005, Utah figured out that the annual cost of E.R. visits and jail says for homeless people was about $16,670 per person, compared to $11,000 to provide each homeless person with an apartment and a social worker. So, the state began giving away apartments, with no strings attached. Each participant in Utah’s Housing First program also gets a caseworker to help them become self-sufficient, but they keep the apartment even if they fail. The program has been so successful that other states are hoping to achieve similar results with programs modeled on Utah’s.

It sounds like Utah borrowed a page from Homes Not Handcuffs, the 2009 report by The National Law Center on Homelessness & Poverty and The National Coalition for the Homeless. Using a 2004 survey and anecdotal evidence from activists, the report concluded that permanent housing for the homeless is cheaper than criminalization. Housing is not only more human, it’s economical.

This honestly is a brilliant idea, I hope more states start to do something like this. Hey Christie!!! Booker!!! Get NJ on board.

Last year in Newark, NJ where Cory Booker was mayor, he would pick up the homeless people during the deep freeze and snowstorms NJ had and would bring them to the shelter. This would be really dope if this actually started to spread throughout the US. There is a huge snow storm that has started today and in some places they are getting a foot of snow, the wind chill and the freeze can kill many homeless people right now. I do hope that during this snow that there is something in place in certain parts of the states experiencing this snowstorm.


Read more about Utah Ending the homeless epidemic here kudos to them!

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