Confessions of a Real Life Cougar


I am a cougar. I never set out to be a cougar. I never imagined I’d be a cougar. Things happen that led me down this road.

When I was in my teens I was always attracted to older guys. When I was 14 he was 16 when I was 15 he was 19 when I was 16 he was 21 when I was 17 he was 24 and when I was 18 he was 26. The biggest gap was when I was 22, he was 37. I always used to wonder how the heck someone older would be attracted to someone so much younger.

All that changed some time ago. Now mind you somewhere a while ago I realized I was attracted to younger guys, but always within a few years. Considering I was single and childless I tended to have more in common with guys who tended to be the same way which tended to be younger. When I started college this tended to be even more the case, but I still tended to date guys within a five year age range. Since I was working and going to college I tended to meet most men online but I always stuck to my rule of the age range.

Then one day I received an online message from a guy in another state. I went to his page and goodness he was so good looking. I went through all his photos just impressed by how sexy this man was. As I continued to peruse the page I finally allowed myself to notice his age…my heart sank. No no no..way too young. I mean goodness yes this man was fine but I couldn’t overlook the fact he was so young. I wrote him back and we continued to talk. Try as I might not to like this guy, something about him intrigued me. I made the decision to go see him but I let him know that even though I was coming to visit, he was still way too young for me.

The visit with him went great and after that he made it clear that just seeing me one time was not enough. He wanted me to stay in his life to always be around. A few months later he confessed that he was actually two years younger than what I had thought. I was even more convinced that this man was wrong for me, but he continued to pursue and I continued to respond. We text all day everyday talked and even visited. I found myself falling hard for this young cub. Five years later he’s still around.

When I went back to college full-time I was around guys even younger than my first cub. One day a guy started talking to me online. He attended a rival school nearby so we ended up meeting up and hanging out on weekends. I never told him my age and he never asked. Again, I didn’t pursue him, he pursued me. I was far from home and spending time with him was nice. I enjoyed his company though his age sometimes nagged me. When I told him my age this only seemed to attract him further. When he moved away he came back twice to visit. Two years  later he’s still around too.

People assume I get involved with the cubs because of the sex. Admittedly young cubs have amazing stamina and energy but the refinement that truly satiates a woman and only comes from years of experience tends to be lacking. This is one of the downsides of guys so young.

Another downside is the lack of maturity. Both had a tendency to say and do some immature things sometimes. It can get beyond annoying. I find my patience worn on many occasions but that is a tradeoff of having cubs this young.

Being a cougar isn’t all bad. It is a compliment and a stroke to the ego to be able to attract a man so much younger. I am shocked sometimes but I have to admit I like it. So ladies if you are considering joining the ranks and bagging yourself a cub, just know there are positives and negatives of being a cougar. If you’re willing to go through it, go for it. There are plenty of cubs looking for a cougar just like you.

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