The Walking Dead Season Four Teaser

This almost 4 minute video gives you such an in depth look into season four of TheWalkingDead. It’s such a mind-blowing and intense video. It’s making me, along with all the fans wish that it was February already. Before you press play, take a moment, inhale…exhale….then hold your breath.

In two weeks, The Walking Dead season four, returns on February 9th. Which is like, FOREVERRRRRRRRRRR for us Walking Dead fiends. This is so dark and if you’ve read the comic book, like myself, you wonder WHERE IN THE HECK are they going with the rest of season four. Any thoughts? I know that Neegan isn’t coming anytime soon, BUT, I’m hoping that they get back into the walker territory more. Let them fight the walkers more than other humans.

Rick? RICK? Yeah, he’s gone, there’s nothing upstairs. Judith, within every fiber of my being, I believe she is dead. Either way, I can’t WAIT!!!


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