UW High Stakes Review by No Mercy

Last night was historical for battle rap. UW held their High Stakes event which featured Daylyt vs B Magic, Hitman Holla vs O Red, Calicoe vs Tsu Surf, and Loaded Lux vs Hollow Da Don. While i wasn’t in attendance I did catch every bit of the live stream. The PayPer View stream is still available for purchase and due to the great quality of the stream I’d recommend buying it. With that said here’s my review.

Daylyt vs B Magic
Daylyt vs B Magic_1407571
This was the first battle of the night. 2 of the best in battle rap when it comes to bars. I feel like this battle was debatable. All 3 rounds were dead even in my opinion and both did what they normally do but at a higher level. Daylyt with his wild over the head bars in round 1 and his entertaining antics in rounds 2 and 3. B Magic did approach this battle as regular B Magic but his bars were better than anything he spit before. Magic was hitting with consistent haymakers all three rounds but Daylyt balanced the rounds out with entertainment and I think this battle will have insane replay value when it comes out. I give this battle a 2-1 either way.

Hitman Holla vs O Red
Hitman Holla vs O-Red_1391786
Second battle of the night. The master of the on stage remix vs the transformer. The first round was amazing. Hitman did his usual remix and for his first battle on this league he did pretty good. O Red went second and came back with his own version of the remix to attempt to take the crowd back. This round was a tie to me.
Round 2 wasn’t as good. Hitman is known for having sub par second rounds and it’s his fault for putting all of his energy into one round setting the bar so high for himself. O Red’s second round wasn’t as good as his first but he still had some dope material. I gave him round 2.
Round 3 was pretty good. I gave it to Hitman. The story he told was hilarious. O Red’s third round wasn’t that good in my opinion so i gave Hitman the round. The battle goes 2-1 either way and it all depends on who you give the first round to.

Tsu Surf vs Calicoe
Calicoe vs Tsu Surf_475300
This was a highly anticipated battle. From the face off you could tell this battle would be nothing but personal jabs, haymakers, and uppercuts and that’s exactly what it turned out to be. My problem with this battle is how much Tsu Surf kept having to complain about the crowd. This wasn’t the normal aggressively angry Summer Madness crowd but at some points they were talking about too much. I felt like this was a clear 3-0 by Calicoe. Tsu Surf had a good first round but Calicoe overpowered him. In the second Surf and Calicoe were dead even but i might edge it to Surf since i enjoyed his material more. In the third round Surf had a good round with a terrible closing. It looks like a choke to me. Calicoe material wasn’t as strong as in his other rounds so people will probably say this round is a tie. I feel Calicoe got it 3-0 because he had cleaner and more consistent performances but Surf had some dope material. It could go either way.

Hollow Da Don Vs Loaded Lux
Loaded Lux vs Hollow Da Don_507300
The most anticipated battle ever. Battle rap legend Loaded Lux vs battle rap elite Hollow Da Don. Let’s get right into it. Round one was amazing. Loaded Lux starts out getting personal about Hollow’s drug habit. Hollow swings back with 2 hard hitting rebuttals and a crazy round. I have this battle dead even so far.
Round 2 continues with Lux breaking Hollow down bit by bit. Schooling him and explaining to him exactly why Hollow isn’t on his level. Hollow returned with a mediocre rebuttal followed by a hard hitting haymaker and an amazing round. Hollow even pulled out a notepad at one point and i thought the fans were gonna boo him but the pad went along with the bars he had and he ended the whole thing with a strong finisher. At this point I’m surprised Hollow can keep up but I’m glad he did because that just made this battle much more enjoyable.
Loaded Lux continues the third round still breaking down Hollow. He goes even more in depth with Hollows drug habit. Being consistent all three rounds is what people wanted from Lux. Especially after choking in his first round in his last battle. Hollow comes back in his third round bringing out Calicoe’s father and telling Lux to call him a “lost nigga” to his face.

I can’t call a winner in this battle and to be honest this might be one of the greatest rap battles of all time. All three rounds solid from both artists which is rare in battle rap these days. Hopefully this inspires everyone to approach EVERY battle with their best.

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