X-Men Days Of Future Past Empire Magazine Covers & Movie Trailers

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Well, there you have it, all 25 Empire Magazine covers for X-Men: Days of Future Past. Some of these covers I am HERE for, they’re exceptional. Some have me scratching my head, simply because I have NO idea who they are. Some I honestly think could have been done better. Of course…ONE, I just don’t understand why that cover is there, but that’s just my own distaste for a certain mutant.

The hype was pretty dope for the first 10 covers, afterwards I was extremely tired and dreading these long hours waiting in between for the cover to come. It started to become excruciating as if I was waiting for a baby to be born into the world. The hype was over. Just hurry up and release them.

My favorite cover is the Quicksilver cover, it showed his power…pure flyness!


You can NOT tell me that this is NOT the best cover. I mean, you CAN, but it’s #NotUpForDebate…unless you do it in the comments. HA!

I really…REALLY thought that Scarlet Witch was going to be in this movie. Where is she? How can Pietro and Magneto be in this movie, but not their daughter/sister? Joss Whedon ALREADY confirmed that Scarlet Witch is going to be in Avengers: Age of Ultron. Soooo again I ask, where is she exactly? She’s not dead. I have questions.

I’m guessing by the lack of an Empire Magazine cover that Jean Grey is NOT in this movie. Interesting. They put Rogue on the cover, but why not Jean? Scott? Allegedly Rogue isn’t in the movie, so why not give Jean and Scott their own covers? I would’ve preferred those covers instead of Blink, Warpath, Sunspot…honestly who in the heck are they? Future I presume.

Bishop’s cover? It looks horrid.


Honestly, I think it’s a wrong choice for Bishop. I’m concerned about these dreads, I really hope it doesn’t remind us of Shemar Moore’s “braids” in that Tyler Perry movie. Sigh.

Storm…well you ALREADY know how I feel about that so I will just skip that cover.

Now, while I was hoping for someone else as the last cover, which Bryan Singer and Empire Magazine owes me an hour of sleep, let’s discuss these Sentinels shall we?


Anyone else get the Venom vibe here? I seriously get the Venom vibe..even an alien vibe. I’m disappointed if this is the FUTURE Sentinel. The past Sentinel is how I can envision what it would look like in the movie.


They should have stayed with purple for one and just tweaked it, not turn it into Venom. Disappointed. HIGHLY disappointed.

I can say that I am ALL X-Men’d out, I’m not even sure if I want to see the movie anymore. This wait…those covers??? I need more than just one hour of sleep back.

If you haven’t seen the mini trailer for X-Men: Days of Future Past, scroll down a little and enjoy.

Missed the first trailer of Days of Future Past? Don’t worry, we got that too.

X-Men: Days of Future Past will be in theaters May 23rd.

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