Comic Book Pull list for Jan 29,2014

It’s Wednesday, so you know what time it is. Yup, that’s right. IT IS NEW COMIC BOOK DAY! Yes, I am excited. I always am when I get some new comics to read. This is a pretty light week. It’s the end of the month, so most books have already come out for the month. I did, however, get some really good books.


20140129-160225.jpgI got two books this week from DC Comics, both with ties to the Caped Crusader. One of them is Talon, a book that has had plenty of highs and lows in its run. It’s been pretty interesting overall, and a nice fleshing out of new characters in the DC universe. The other book is Batman, The Dark Knight. This has been a really good book, that has delved deeper into some of Batman’s other rogues. I have really enjoyed this book, and am saddened that it’s about to be cancelled.

20140129-160610.jpgI got one book from Marvel this week, The Superior Spider-Man. I have really enjoyed this book. This is the prelude issue to the Goblin War storyline. This storyline will seemingly wrap up Doc Ock’s time as Spider-Man, as Peter Parker will be returning as himself in April. Just in time for The Amazing Spider-Man 2. Imagine that…

20140129-160919.jpgAnd last, but certainly not least, I picked up East of West. If you have been reading my comic posts, you know that East of West is my favorite comic right now. I just love everything about this book. Jonathan Hickman is an amazing story teller, and Nick Dragotta’s art is simply breath taking.

Well, that’s my pull list for this week. I will post my pick for book of the week soon. Spoiler, it’s probably going to be East of West lol. Until then, laters

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