*** @hollywood_trey’s Guide to the 2014 #Oscars: How to Follow the Award Show and Pick Smart ***

 Ellen Oscars

If you follow me on twitter (@hollywood_trey), you already know that my love for movies is almost insane. More than that, you should know that “Oscar Season” is like Christmas for me. That said, I have decided to make a “guide” to understanding the Oscars, in a way.

First of all, I would like to start off by saying my “Guide to the Oscars” posts will not be “movie reviews”, per se. They will be more “Strategy Guides” to help you make better Oscar picks in your pool or just so you don’t get too upset when the movie you thought should win (which was more than likely, the only film you saw in that category) doesn’t get the gold.

I will try my hardest to explain the reasoning behind my Oscar picks so you don’t think I’m just typing things that sound pretty.

As I finished watching the films in a given category, I will post a write-up on the nominees.

After completing posts on every Oscar Category, I will do a deeper individual look at each film. Almost to remind you how all the films stack up in the bigger picture. Pun not intended.

Come March 2nd of this year, you should be an Oscar genius….or at least you sound like one around friends, family and colleagues.

Now…..Let have some fun with this.


***Don’t miss the award show March 2nd, 2014 on ABC. 7pm EST/4pm PST***

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