“HD” Moving on?


Yesterday UFC heavyweight and fan favorite Pat “HD” Barry announced that he was taking an indefinite leave of absence from MMA. He cited his hatred of wrestling as one of the main reasons for his decision, but the language he and his managers used left the possibility of “HD” returning to his kickboxing roots.
As a fan of Berry, I’d hate to not be able to see him fighting, but I admire the candor and honesty he has with himself.  It takes a big man to realize when its time cut your losses and move on.
Rumor is that he only left Kickboxing and started a career in MMA because he couldn’t make any money doing it. Glory needs an American star to break into this market and Barrys propensity to entertain makes him the perfect person for them to sign. He’s probably not good enough to be best any elite kickboxers, but I don’t know any combat sports fans that won’t tune in to watch him fight.

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