Is Bad Boy Records In The Shut Down Process?


So I was sent a link to an article on Hip Hop Wired that rumors a possible shut down of Bad Boy Records. If this is true all I can say is wow. You’d think after selling 80 million records they’d be afloat for much longer. But this is a sign. Records aren’t selling like they used to and labels have to reinvent themselves. I don’t wanna jump the gun yet seeing as how it is just a rumor but I’ll be on top of this story and bring you guys as much as I can possibly find out.

With little to no recent RIAA certifications as far as record sales and no artists doing exceptionally well on the label this isn’t a big surprise. They haven’t dropped a platinum album since 2008 (Danity Kane: Welcome To The Dollhouse) and they’re best shot at recent success was French Montana. French’s album only sold 94000 copies despite the massive amount of radio play and big name features he had for the album

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