Set Your DVRs: Ceremony for Olivia Benson tonight on SVU


DetectiveSergeant Commanding Officer Olivia Benson is finally in charge of SVU after 15 years of being a detective. In some ways I’m happy about that, but…we lost Munch and now Captain Cragen, bittersweet for sure. I’m not sure how much longer SVU will be around with all of these changes, which honestly seemed all at once. Anywho.

Tonight’s episode of Law and Order SVU we finally see Olivia Benson running things and there’s a ceremony. How dope would it be if Stabler was in attendance? I know it’s not going to be, BUT, it really would be awesome. How do I know it’s not going to happen? You can thank Ice-T for that.


Here’s a clip from tonight’s “Betrayal’s Climax,” on SVU.

Set your DVR’s Law & Order SVU comes on tonight at 9PM on NBC

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