20140129-161838.jpgLet me start by saying this. I grew up in the south. I lived in eastern North Carolina for a lot of my childhood. I know how the south is when any kind of winter weather hits. I get it, I really do.

Ok, now that I said that, let me begin. Are you F@$&ing kidding me Atlanta? Are you f@$&ing serious Atlanta? Your whole city gets SHUT DOWN by TWO INCHES OF F@&$ING SNOW? The National Guard has to get your kids from school because of TWO F@&$ING INCHES OF SNOW? That is just disgraceful. As a parent, every one of them that left their kid in school overnight because of TWO F@&$ING INCHES OF SNOW should be beaten. There is NO WAY my kid is at school overnight because of TWO F@&$ING INCHES OF SNOW. If I had to walk and get them out of school, so be it. It was TWO F@&$ING INCHES OF SNOW!! Not two feet of snow, no. It was TWO F@&$ING INCHES OF SNOW. The mayor and school superintendent should resign ASAP. What kind of leadership are you providing that kids are stranded at school by TWO F@&$ING INCHES OF SNOW?!?! Please, I just don’t understand that. My mind is blown. It does not compute, I just don’t understand how that can happen. Every one of them parents should be sterilized, because they do not need to breed ever again. I feel terrible for them kids.

And, how does it take someone 10 hours to get home, when it normally takes 20 minutes? What in the f@&$!! Everyone who has a Georgia drivers license should have their license suspended, and they should have to retake driving course. Your roads where jam packed because of TWO F@&$ING INCHES OF SNOW!! That is just crazy. I didn’t know TWO F@&$ING INCHES OF SNOW could cause so much havoc in a major metropolitan area. If you were thinking of moving to Atlanta, I would definitely think twice about it.


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