Killer Instinct: Spinal


Killer Instinct will receive it’s first new character and it is none other than Spinal.  I am very excited that Spinal will be joining the roster.  His unorthodox play style will keep people guessing constantly.  From what I’ve seen Spinal’s normal attacks don’t look too great and their reach is abysmal compared to the other fighters.  Also he seems slower than the other fighter, and his back-dash covers a lot less space,  So what makes Spinal so great?  Spinal’s special attacks make up for all those weaknesses,  for one spinal has a shield that can block all Special attacks, Yes ALL special attacks, and gains a skull from each one.  Now here is where spinal will come to be you’re worst nightmare, those skulls can be used as projectiles.  Now while they aren’t too fast, they give Spinal time to set up his combos.  Spinal’s second ability allows him to teleport, either in front or behind his opponent, forcing a tough left/right guard against defenders.  Back to those skulls, along with a straight projectile, there is also a low hitting one, and an over head attack, mixing that with his teleport or overhead attack, it will become near impossible to reach spinal’s attacks, But that’s not all those pesky little skulls also curse his opponent draining shadow, or instinct meter  over time and giving it to you.  The curse can also stack giving you an endless supply of shadow, or instinct while your opponent has little to nothing to work with.  There’e even more spinal can do with the skulls, like going straight into a special attack after a teleport with the cost of a skull.  The possibilities of Spinal’s attacks seem endless, but he needs to skulls to pull them off.  He has a number of ways to get his skulls, and his instinct mode give him an endless supply for 15 seconds.  Spinal is available for download tomorrow.



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