Blacks in Comics


I have been reading comics for over 30 years now, and the one that has always bothered me is the lack of comics about black characters. I see all these super hero books, and only one or two, maybe three, are about a black character. It’s pretty sad. It’s not that these characters aren’t popular. Everyone knows who Luke Cage, Blade, The Black Panther, Storm, Static Shock, Cyborg, and Mr. Terrific are. Yet, right now, none of these characters have their own book. And that’s just crazy to me.

Recently, the big two comic book companies, Marvel and DC, have kind of restarted their comics. Marvel has the Marvel Now, and DC started The New 52. And with this, Marvel currently has zero solo books featuring black characters(they have two team books featuring black characters), and DC currently has one solo book featuring black character. And I say, WTF! Where is my Luke Cage book? Where is my Icon book? Where is my Black Panther book? Instead of these, I get ANOTHER book about Wolverine, and ANOTHER book about Deadpool. Yes, these characters are extremely popular, but damn. How many books do we need featuring Wolverine(currently over ten books feature him)?

When DC started the New 52, there were a number of books that featured black characters. There was a Static Shock book, a Mr. Terrific book, and Firestorm book. And, frankly, besides Static Shock, these books STUNK. The writing was terrible. In Mr. Terrific, on the second page, he he says

Actually, a simple “Thanks, black guy, for saving us from a homicidal, lunatic weaponized body armor” will do

. That made zero sense. Why was that line even necessary? And it only got worse from there. Firestorm was no better. It was just so heavy handed with the racial statements.


I have established a theory on the lack of black characters in comics. This theory actually covers the lack of blacks on tv shows, lack of good black movies, etc.. It’s simply that whites still don’t know how to relate to people of color. They still believe that blacks, Hispanics, whoever, have different motivations than they do. And, in truth, nothing can be further from the truth. Everyone is driven, is motivated by the same things: God, money, sex, fame, power, family. The list goes on. The key part is, the list DOESN’T CHANGE. Your ethnicity has no bearing on those motives. Once every just accepts that, I think that we there will be more of a true representation of our culture, and the people who live in it. Then, maybe, I can get some well written comics about some of my favorite characters.


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