Comic Book of the Week

Time for my pick for comic book of the week. This was kind of an easy pick, because East of West is my favorite book right now.

20140130-074158.jpgThere is simply nothing that I do not enjoy about this title. The writing by Jonathan Hickman is stellar. The story he has woven so far has been tremendous. The flow and the little nuances of the title just keep me riveted. This issue, he goes into the history of The Kingdom, one of the countries that the United States was split into. The Kingdom is basically the land of the freed slaves after the Civil War. It is made up of the southern states along the gulf coast. Hickman also moves along the story of Death’s quest to find his missing son.

Nick Dragotta artwork is amazing. It really fits the tone of the book. That’s what I really look for in the comics that I read. I need the artist to really be able to set the tone and fit the feel of the title. Dragotta does that in East of West. Every character has their own feel. Every little thing in each panel means something. Dragotta really does it with facial expressions too. You FEEL what each character is feeling. Simply amazing.

Well, that’s my pick of the week. I think whenever I get East of West, it’s going to be my odds on favorite to be my book of the week. Lol.

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