Ask And Answer Time Featuring @EdgarWright, Director of Marvel’s Ant-Man

Earlier this afternoon TheHollyWoodReporter published an article and the title read, “Is This What Paul Rudd’s ‘Ant-Man’ Will Look Like?” along with this picture from Edgar Wright’s blog


Along with the title THR wrote,

Wright’s Jan 29 Daily Photo post was of two figurines wearing variations on Jack Kirby’s original Ant-Man costume. Previously, Wright has shown figurines being used in the cardboard sets that would presumably be used to plan shots — so do these costumed figurines mean that we’ll see a Kirby-esque design for the lead character, or is Wright merely playing with expectations with the image?

Well guess who JUST answered on the timeline? Yep Edgar Wright


WELP. Ask and ye shall receive. 😆 😆

I adore Edgar Wright’s twitter feed. Not too long ago he tweeted this in reference to Drake’s performance on SNL.


I chuckled. If you aren’t already hit that follow button and follow @EdgarWright

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