Disney’s Good Luck Charlie Featured It’s First Gay Couple


My nieces (11 and 14) told me to write about this story, I had no idea that this happened. Monday afternoon after school, my nieces came home and in typical teenage fashion, “Oh.My.GOD. you would NOT believe what Disney did. It was soooooooooooooooo cool.” */Sidebar Did you know that so had so many o’s? /End Sidebar* They proceeded to tell me that on “Good Luck Charlie” there was a gay couple. “Charlie’s friend has TWO MOMS!!!!”  They were so excited by that fact. My nieces know all about different families and relationships and they also have friends that are gay, so to them it was pretty awesome to see that on television.

Check out the scene below.

When I asked the girls how did they feel about the fact that it was on TV the oldest one said, “It’s fine, but why did the Grammy’s show all the gay couples getting married on live TV, but didn’t show them kiss? You’re supposed to kiss at the end, right? So are they even married?”

Out of the mouth of babes, huh? I’m actually hoping that “Good Luck Charlie” shows this family more often.

So, how do YOU feel about Disney showing a gay couple, two moms, on the Disney channel where children are babysat spending quality quiet time? Did your young ones ask you about having two moms? Leave a comment below.

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  1. AppleSooSweet says

    im nobodys parent nor do i keep up with statistics but interracial parents, gay parents… etc are being more and more common. i think tv should reflect what’s going on in society and children should be exposed to it at a young age, it serves as a gateway to conversations that need to be had. love is love, way to go blended families!

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