Who You Gonna Call? Ghostbusters….LEGO!!!

Don’t lie, you know you read that title in the Ghostbusters voice lol.


A LEGO Ghostbusters Set? How dope is that! Did you know it’s already the 30th anniversary of the movie Ghostbusters? How old do YOU feel right now? 30 years, it really doesn’t seem that long ago when we introduced to Slimer and the Stay Puff Marshmallow Man. 30 years? Back then those were movies, I’m not even sure what the hell we have now to be honest. Even tho they didn’t have the amazing technology that we have now, they made some amazing movies back in the 80’s. Alright enough with the trip down memory lane. Let’s get to it.


Cnet shared via twitter this post equipped with pictures of the Ghostbusters LEGO set. Lego hasn’t revealed the actual set because they’re still tinkering with it, but it’s alleged to hit the shelves sometime this year.

Lego tinkerer Brent Waller put together a model for a “Ghostbusters” set in honor of the film’s 30th anniversary this year. He built minifigs, the Ectomobile, and the ghost hunters’ headquarters building. He really nailed Bill Murray’s hairline for the minifig. The project went up for vote on Lego’s fan site CUUSOO, where it gained 10,000 supporters, enough to get Lego to look at making it official, which it did.



Go to CNET for some ectoplasmic info. See what I did there? Ectoplasmic HA!



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