John John Da Don vs QP – SMACK/URL


URL has what they call “The Vault”. A place where they hold battles that were never released. These battles are usually held back because of bad sound production when taping the events, the battle itself being a bad battle overall or URL just wanting to release them during a special occasion.

This is John John Da Don vs QP. A battle that took place at Night Of Main Events 2 in Chicago. This battle was filmed back in early 2012 when both battlers were just rising to fame. The battle was held back along with a few other battles from this night due to the sound quality. Even without this battle dropping John John’s stock still rose due to the large number of people that attended this event live and giving him the clear win. QP’s career took a nose dive afterwards but was mostly due to his lack of being prepared in battles and no one wanting to book him afterwards. In my opinion with was still a great battle even with the sound quality being horrible. Fans have been requesting this battle for the longest so it was only right that they put it out.

I gave this battle to John John Da Don 2-1. Leave your thoughts in the comment section below.

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