So NOW It Wants To Snow…AFTER The SuperBowl Is Over

*le sigh*

Being a New Jersey resident and actually having the Super Bowl, basically in my backyard, I was hoping, wishing, fake praying that there would be a Super Snow Bowl. But nope, it was sunny, warm, in the 50’s on February 2nd. All the hype about this NY NJ Super Bowl and it’s focus on the cold and the possibility of snow was what I wanted to happen. Football is made for SNOW! I’ve been to plenty of my nephew’s football games in the snow and enjoyed every second of it, well except the fact that I was cold. So to see there wasn’t a Super Snow Bowl disappointed me.

Imagine my WT*bleep* moment when I wake up and see THIS







Seriously, are you kidding me right now? Never mind the fact that I dislike snow and we’re  getting about 6-9″ of snow, but the fact that it waited until around midnight to start snowing. I’m blown. I’m pissed. Just call me the Sesame Street mad goat.


That really is me right now, I’m MAAAAAAAAD!

The idea of having a Super Snow Bowl would have been amazing, it would’ve made a GAME and not the Snooze Bowl that actually happened last night. The Snooze Bowl also included the commercials, because…c’mon you saw them. *eye roll*

I had this whole vision of what I thought of the Super Snow Bowl was going to be, the possibilities were ENDLESS, but…NOPE. *sighs* and who knows if and when the Super Bowl will be back in New Jersey. Guess I’ll just go back to bed and dream about the Super Snow Bowl, heck while I’m at it I might just put my team the JETS in it too, right?


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