Blacks in Comics: Vixen


Today, in my series celebrating blacks in comics, I am going to talk about Vixen (no, not professor MizCaramelVixen (although she is my hero). Vixen was the first black female superhero in the DC universe. She made her debut in Action Comics #521 in July 1981. Vixen was created by Gerry Conway and Bob Okner. She was originally slated to have her own self titled comic in 1978, but due to an industry crash, the book never made it to print. Vixen has never had her own ongoing series, but she has been a member of a couple of super teams, including the Justice League of America and the Suicide Squad.

Vixen was originally from Africa, and after her mother died, and her father was murdered by her uncle, she relocated to the New York and became a famous model. She returned to Africa to claim her birthright, the Tantu Totem. With this totem, she would have access to all the powers of the animal kingdom. She has used these powers to fight many of the DC comics big bads, including Darkseid and Amazo.

Vixen was one of my favorite charactesr on the Justice League Unlimited cartoon. She was also appeared in an episode of Batman, the Brave and the Bold. Vixen is a character that I wish would get her own book. She is a dynamic character, and someone I would like to see in a solo setting.

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