Comic Book Pull List Feb 5,2014

Another Wednesday, another new comic book day. I love Wednesdays, and I look forward to this day each week. I got four comics this week, one of which is one of my favorite books right now.

20140205-153000.jpgLazarus, by Rucka, Lark, and Archas, is such a simple book. The message delivered in that simplicity is what makes this book rock. Greg Rucka is such a good storyteller, and he does a tremendous job of showing how the gulf between the haves and the have nots in our society can lead to some seriously screwed up conditions. Love the pacing, and the art just drives everything home.

20140205-153604.jpgArkham War is a cool tie in for the Forever Evil event currently taking place in the DC universe. Anytime you can shine the spotlight on Batman’s rogues gallery, I am all for it. Especially when Batman isn’t there to keep them all in check, yeah nothing but cool things can happen. Tomasi, Eaton, and Mendoza have done a great job with this title.

20140205-154032.jpgIron Man has been a consistently good read since the launch of Marvel Now. I have never enjoyed an Iron Man book before, and I have really liked what Gillen has done with Iron Man. I am looking forward to the eventual payoff.

20140205-154401.jpgCaptain America has had it’s ups and downs. The art has been consistently good. It’s just Remender seems to drag story lines out for too long. The conclusions have have paid off though, so it keeps bringing me back. This issue kicks of the second phase of Marvel Now, so should be a good picking up point.

Well, that’s it for this week. An average week as far as numbers, with a couple of really good titles. Really looking forward to reading Lazarus. Until the next time, Laters

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