Nyssa Al Ghul on “Arrow”


Tonight, Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter will make her debut on one of the best shows on tv right now, Arrow(8pm eastern time on the CW). I know a lot of people complain that the League of Assassins are not a Green Arrow villain, but I disagree. Merlin has been a big rival of Green Arrow in the comics, and Merlin is a member of the League in the comics. So, that makes the League a Green Arrow villain.

The introduction of Nyssa Al Ghul seems to be a weird choice as the daughter to pick. I mean, Talia is much better known. The producers of Arrow made some very good points for why they picked Nyssa over Talia. Nyssa is basically a clean slate, and they can do anything they want with her without worrying too much about continuity. That’s a big advantage for the writers of the show, and the actress portraying Nyssa.

Having Ra’s Al Ghul’s daughter, who is his second in command, on the show gives Arrow and his team one more big bad to worry about. I am looking forward to seeing how Nyssa and Sara interact with each other, and what Nyssa’s presence in Starling City means in the long run. I have loved what they have done in this show. Everything is just connected, and they drop “geek bombs” each and every week. Even some subtle stuff that you may miss the first time you watch. Warner Bros. keeps rocking the tv shows. Now, if they can only get their movies in order. One can dream.

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