Hitman Movie Gets A Reboot – Agent 47

Hitman movie poster UK

Agent 47 is the reboot of the 2007 movie, Hitman, which is based on the Hitman video game. Agent 47 originally had Paul Walker as the lead, but due to his recent passing, it has been recast. Showtime’s Homeland Star Rupert Friend will be taking the lead role as Agent 47. Also co-starring in this movie is Sylar, Zachary Quinto, and Hanna Ware from ABC’s Betrayal.

Rupert Friend as Peter Quinn in Homeland

There really isn’t that much information about Agent 47, except for the cast and that filming begins in March and it will be filmed in Singapore and Berlin.

The original Hitman movie only cost $25M and it made almost $100M worldwide, so it’s a no brainer that a reboot is happening. The Hitman video game is very popular and you know how it goes, popular video games get a movie attached to it. I believe there’s a Halo movie in the works.


Zachary Quinto as Agent 47 would have been kind of dope, I mean did you see him in Heroes as Sylar? Sylar was one scary ass dude! He was a mild-mannered watchmaker that you had NO IDEA he had this sadistic side to him. Sylar scared me. I do enjoy Rupert Friend from Homeland, he seems kind of short to play Hitman and I don’t see him being this “hitman” character. Hitman seems he’s 6’4+ a bald, short man wouldn’t scare me, I’d taze him 😆 Now a 6’4 bald headed man coming towards me? I’M OUT!!!!


Will keep you guys updated on Agent 47. You can read more information on the Hitman reboot on Deadline here and here.

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