Plans for “Guardians of the Galaxy 2” Already???

20140207-102644.jpgSo, I am checking out Screenrant, and they are speculating about the release date for a sequel to a movie that hasn’t come out yet. Matter of fact, the movie doesn’t come out till August of this year.

This, to me, is just crazy. I don’t get it. Why people insist on speculating on something that may not even happening is crazy. I get it that Marvel has a grand plan, and there seems to be a pattern to how they are pumping these movies out. And I know they tend to sign the stars of these movies to long term movie deals. I get all that. But, let’s just be honest here. Marvel is really going out on a limb here with Guardians of the Galaxy. Guardians isn’t the most well known of the Marvel franchises. This is their sci-fi movie. And I am sure Marvel has a lot of confidence in what this movie can do. I just feel fans are putting the cart before the horse speculating on a sequel to a movie that is a great big unknown. I hope Guardians of the Galaxy exceeds everyone’s expectations. Who doesn’t want to see a raccoon who shoots people in the face, yelling out “Murdered you”? So I hope Guardians is awesome and they make a sequel. But let’s hold off on the predictions till after the movie comes out.

Marvel has had it’s misses. Daredevil, Electra, Punisher, and the Ghost Rider films really sucked. So they are not Midas. They do screw the pooch. Just stating the facts.

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