“The Walking Dead” Season 4 Recap

On Sunday night, at 9 pm on AMC, The Walking Dead returns. I couldn’t be more excited. Season four has been awesome so far. I have loved it. It’s given me some of the great scenes that I have seen in the comic book, and has me excited for what’s coming next. I am going to review the season so far, to get you ready for the second half of the season. I will also do a preview article(no spoilers) a little later today for the second half of the season.


Season four starts with the remaining citizens of Woodbury being integrated into the prison with Rick’s group. Rick isn’t the leader anymore, and there is now a council leading the group. Rick has taken a step back, and is just farming. There are a lot of new characters being introduced, and things are a lot more organized at the prison. Michonne is still hunting for the Governor, convinced he will be back. Things get hectic at the prison when there is a flu outbreak, which kills people quickly and of course they rise as zombies, creating a very dangerous situation. Two of the first people who show symptoms of being sick are murdered, causing a very tense situation. Daryl leads a group out to find medicine to help combat this flu outbreak. While the group is gone, Rick finds out it is Carol who murdered the two people, and Rick subsequently kicks Carol out of the group because he feels she cannot be trusted. Things eventually boil over in the prison, and people die and turn in the prison, and walkers cause the outer fences of the prison to collapse. Rick, Carl, Hershel, and Maggie are able to contain the situation enough till Daryl’s group returns with the medicine and they are all able to repel the walkers.

We find out that the Governor is alive, and he has become completely unhinged by the events of season three. He is alone , wandering when he comes across a family. The family takes him in, and feeds him. The father of the family is dying of lung cancer, and the Governor goes out and get him some oxygen to help keep him alive. Eventually the father dies, and as the Governor prepares to leave, the remaining members of the family beg to come with him. He decides to take them, because they remind him of what he has lost. As they travel, they are overrun by walkers, and are saved by a group lead by Martinez, who was the Governor’s second in command at Woodbury. Just as you thought the Governor could be redeemed, he murders Martinez and takes over the group. He convinces the group, who just so happen to have a tank, that they can take over the prison and be safe.

The Governor leads the group to take over the prison, leaving the little girl and her mother from the family he was traveling with behind for their own safety. This backfires, as the little girl is attacked and bitten by a walker.

20140207-133805.jpgThe Governor is able to take Michonne and Hershel as prisoners as they are out looking for supplies. The Governor and Rick have a standoff over the prison. The Governor gives Rick an ultimatum, which Rick refuses. The Governor then decapitates Hershel using Michonne’s katana. Then results in a firefight. As the two groups battle, the mother brings the little girl to the Governor, showing him that the girl had been bitten by a walker. The Governor shoots the girl, and uses the tank to rush the prison. The Governor and Rick fight, and just as the Governor get the upper hand on Rick, Michonne stabs the Governor. As the Governor bleeds out, the little girl’s mother find him and shoots him in the head.

The battle at the prison draws the attention of all the walkers around, causing the prison to be overrun with walkers, and forcing the group out of the prison. The group is separated, each splinter cell going off in different directions. That’s how the first half of the season ended, and that’s why I am so excited for the second half of the season. The group is back on the road, separated and facing many different challenges. I can’t wait till Sunday night at 9 pm on AMC.

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