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I came across this dope website WeLoveFine from Agent M’s twitter page when he posted about WeLoveFine’s Ms. Marvel t-shirts. You guys KNOW she’s my hero, so IMMEDIATELY went through the website and realized that I just LA-LA-LOVED it!!! There’s absolutely nothing NOT to love! So I contacted them via twitter asked if I could interview them and well…here ya go.


How/when did this idea of WeLoveFine start and why this particular name? was established in 2009 as an online hub for t-shirts featuring all of the official licenses that our parent company, Mighty Fine, works with: Marvel, Star Wars, Star Trek, My Little Pony, Adventure Time and many more. In the years since then, not only have we grown far beyond t-shirts to include women’s fashions, collectibles and accessories, kids’ designs and so much more, but we’ve really embraced the notion of “For Fans, By Fans” – allowing the folks who are the biggest fans of these popular characters to bring their passion and enthusiasm to the party and create the absolute coolest official merchandise out there!

Who/what were the first designs/designers?
We started with our in-house artists, who each and every one are big fans as well, developing tees that we loved and that made us laugh. One of our very first successes was “Doom Steed”, which featured Dr. Doom (Marvel’s villain from The Fantastic Four) riding a unicorn with a rainbow behind him. It hit right around the time of that double rainbow meme on the web so people just went nuts for it; to this day, it remains one of our most popular designs! We still sell out of it at conventions.


How long before you were acknowledged in the Geek community?
Well, we work directly with a number of our licensors and we’ve been very fortunate to have support from them from time to time, getting the word out to their fan bases as we worked to grow our own. We have always reached out to those outlets who are at the forefront of covering the geek community and what’s cool in the culture. It’s always a joy to be featured on sites like ion and The Mary Sue, and we were fortunate to be featured on Attack of the Show! and MTV Geek as well. That said, the most rewarding aspect is always the support and love that we get directly from the fans who are buying our products; nothing makes us prouder or happier than to receive a social media post or an email that features a photo of a fan who is excited about their new TARDIS dress or their Catbug plush. That’s just the best!

How did you choose which designs to run with before contests?
Well, as I said early on it was mostly us gauging what fans on social media were excited about and talking about to come up with designs that we thought were fun and exciting; to be honest, that’s something that we still do to this day when we’re coming up with designs. The contests, of course, were instrumental in helping us grow our goal of bringing extremely talented fan artists together with the brands that we work with, giving them the opportunity and the tools to create and to marry their passion for the fandom with the ability to get their work seen and produced.

What made you decide to do plus size clothing for women? (since there aren’t any that I know of.).
Our retail arm does make plus size clothing for some of the retailers we work with, so we’ve always tried to have sizes up to at least 2X on the site. Our customer service department regularly fields size requests for certain products and we continue to gather intel through our connections with customers online at at conventions about the stuff they want us to make and that they want to wear. Our merchandising team is definitely developing more cool ideas for women’s plus size stuff which we hope we can debut soon.

When did you have your “Mama, I made it! They like me, they REALLY like me.” moment
It’s really difficult to pinpoint specific moments because every connection we make with our customers is valued and important! There are highlights, of course; doing our first convention booth, a very small space at WonderCon and completely selling out of most of our stock was definitely a highlight. Co-hosting a huge My Little Pony event in Los Angeles with cast signings and readings and fans driving in from out of state to be there, that was incredible. Having multiple locations at Comic-Con last year with fans coming down to meet Adventure Time and Bravest Warriors cast members and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Clark Gregg, who stopped by briefly and is the nicest guy… all of these were super! But as I say, just interacting with happy fans who love what we do each day is why keeps us going. :)

Thank you so much for giving our first interview! Is there anything that you would like to say to your fans out there and also to the artists who would love to design artwork for your clothing?

Thank you all so, so much for your love and support, and for helping to make our site what it is today! We couldn’t have done it without the creativity and imagination of fans who share our love of these characters. If you want to get in on the fun, start by entering as many of our contests as you can! You can find us all over the internet.
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Here’s there Star Wars ensemble, which IS available in plus size btw, ladies!



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