“The Walking Dead” Season Four Second Half Preview


The second half of season four of the Walking Dead premieres Sunday night at 9 pm on AMC. I, for one, am extremely excited. The way the first half of the season ended, this Sunday hasn’t come fast enough. I am going to preview the second half of the season(spoiler free), and tell you what I think might happen.

The midseason finale had Rick’s group abandoning the prison, and being scattered to the winds. This is really close to what happened in the comics. Scott Gimple, The Walking Dead’s show runner, has promised to bring the show closer to the events in the comic. I am all for that, and it was obvious in the first half of the season that the show is returning to its roots, so to speak. Getting the group back on the road and out of the prison just opens up so many more storylines. I love the slow burn, but it’s time for some action. And Gimple has promised plenty of action.

There are a lot of unanswered questions left from the midseason finale. Who is exactly in each group? What happened to Judith? What happened to the rest of the Governor’s group? How bad off is Rick? I am looking forward to how all of this plays out. This is worse than when the group was driven from Hershel’s farm. They all met up pretty quickly after that. This seems a lot different.

I am also wondering if they are going to be going straight into having another big bad. If they really do follow the comic more closely, I don’t see the next big bad being introduced this season. I hope they re-establish the walkers as the big threat that they are. And I hope they really do the “Hunters” story arc. That’s really when the comic kicked everything to another level, and showed how this new world had really shaped the group. There are so many things they can show now that the group is on the move again. And, if what Gimple says is true, the show is about to get very dark. I really can’t wait. So, tune in at 9 pm on Sunday, and let me know what u think of the show.


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