Football Has Been Over For a Week


I miss it so much. I am going thru serious withdrawals. I need a fix, and I need it bad. No, I am not talking about Dean MizCaramelVixen either. I am talking bout my other love, football. The Super Bowl was last Sunday, and that ended another great NFL season. Now, it’s the offseason. No games until AUGUST!!!

I don’t know what to do with myself. I have a routine for my Sunday afternoons. Laundry and football. Now, the fun part of that equation is gone. Yeah, the draft combine starts in two weeks, and then free agency soon after that. But they don’t replace the games. They don’t replace the smack talk on Twitter based on the games. How you going to talk smack about a guy because he ran a 4.5 forty, instead of a 4.45 forty? No fun in that. Lol.

So, I guess I will give my Netflix and Amazon Prime Video accounts a real workout over the next six months. There are a lot of movies and shows that I can catch up on. My Netflix cue in particular is really full of stuff. Sons of Anarchy, House of Cards, Jack Reacher,and Attack on Titan are just a few of the movies and shows I need to catch up on. And soon it will be summer, and the kids will keep me busy with swimming and stuff. So I have all of that to look forward to as well. But, nothing replaces the excitement of football.

Come on Hall of Fame game. Lol


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