Super Mario Coming To McDonald’s Happy Meals


Sometime in March, Super Mario will be in your child’s Happy Meals from McDonald’s…that is if you’re in the UK. Nintendo Life reports,

The moustachioed mascot will be taking over in the next range of Happy Meals in the UK, likely in March, with a batch of themed toys sure to be included. While Happy Meal branding may not strike everyone as valuable marketing, the role of these McDonald’s meals in getting the attention of young diners shouldn’t be underestimated. We suspect you won’t find it hard to locate a parent that’s been a victim of Happy Meal-related pressure; it’ll also be fun for those of you that do enjoy these meals to grab some Nintendo toys.

If this Happy Meal makes it’s way over here to the state, you better believe I will be purchasing them. FOR MY DAMN SELF!

Go on and hum right along with the theme song, you know you wanna 😛 😀

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