Blacks in Comics: Black Manta

20140211-091816.jpgToday in my series of Blacks in Comics, I am going to talk about one of my favorite villains in comics, Black Manta. Black Manta was created in 1967 by Bob Haney and Nick Cardy for DC comics. He is the archenemy of MizCaramelVixen’s favorite superhero, Aquaman.

Unlike the heroes in comics, often the villains origins are shrouded in mystery. Black Manta is no different. His origin has changed many times. One story says he was a boy who was kidnapped and taken on a ship, where he was sexually abused. He saw Aquaman, and tried to signal him for help. Aquaman didn’t see him, and the boy would grow up despising the sea and especially Aquaman. Another story states that Black Manta was a black activist, who wanted to take over Atlantis so his people would have a kingdom of their own. Another story shows Black Manta as a treasure seeker, and whose father was accidentally killed by Aquaman. This, of course, enrages Black Manta and he does whatever he can to get revenge on Aquaman. So, yeah, his history is pretty convoluted.


Black Manta doesn’t have any superpowers. He uses a specially designed suit to battle Aquaman. He is also a brilliant strategist, who prefers to use his mind than use brute force.

Black Manta has appeared in numerous DC cartoons, including the Super Friends, Superman/Aquaman adventure hour, Justice League, JLU, and Young Justice. Outside of Batman’s rogues gallery, I think Black Manta is one of the more well known DC villians. If you want to learn even more about this amazing villian, check here.

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