Social Media Sites Are NOT Your Diary


It used to be “Dear Diary,” now it’s “Dear Twitter, Dear Facebook, Dear Instagram”. Social media sites have taken over the personal blogosphere. When there’s something wrong you tweet it. When someone pissed you off at work you write about it on your wall. When your “Him” hurts your feelings, you post a quote on Instagram. That’s when everything makes that left turn. I’m sure most of us have done it at one point in our social media lives. How many times have we seen celebrities tweet something cryptic or go on a rant and it ends up on BallerAlert or NecoleBitchie? Countless.

These social media sites aren’t therapy, where it’s just you and your therapist in a one on one session. It’s you and your followers. If you’re a celebrity then you’re in the hundred thousand on up club. So now 750K people know that you’re mad at someone. It could be your label, publicist, media, fans, the person you’re in a relationship with or whatever company. Now when you screw up on twitter it can cause issues in your pocket. I know people who have lost jobs because of their tweets. I’m pretty sure YOU know people who have lost a job because of their tweets.

Remember Justine Sacco? Miss “Just Kidding I’m White!”

In a matter of hours the company that she worked for changed their website.

I bet she wished she didn’t tweet everything that popped into her damn mind THAT day. And THAT is where the “social media sites are not your diary” comes into play. You can’t go around tweeting any and every single thing on your mind, ESPECIALLY, when it has to do with your life. These people on twitter that follow you, no matter WHAT your following vs followers stats are, they are NOT your friends. They are NOT your therapist. Not just Twitter…same applies to Facebook, Instagram and any other social media site out there. Stop putting your life out there to these folks. Unless, of course, you don’t care what people know about you and use it against you.

Ya’ll know good and damn well these folks out here play nice-nice with you to get information about you just to throw it up on the TL (TimeLine) for sh*ts and giggles LOL’s and RT’s. You put this stuff out there for co-signs and to see folks in your mentions saying, “I know that’s right.” You thinking they’re co-signing when in fact they’re just egging you on, just so you can put the person who pissed you off business out there or whatever the case is. I’ve done it. Stupidly. I’m quick to own the fact that I did some stupid ish that I’ve regretted putting out on twitter, but *shrugs* what can you do? You can’t take it back, just learn and move on.


I know that you want to get stuff of your chest, but posting quotes on Instagram about how your man pissed you off is just NOT the way to handle it. Why are you feeding people knowledge that you’re having a problem with your man? Now ole girl who’s been crushing on him hard, liking every picture he put up, slides right into his private message on Twitter or Instagram and tell him whatever he wants to hear. Which is a WHOLE nutha topic because if ole boy is wa….NEVERMIND.

If you want to vent your heart out because you hate your job, your co-workers, someone gave you a STD, you screwed a follower, they cheated on you, or WHATEVER… this is what you do. Create a whole new twitter account, sans picture, make it private and get all that sh*t out there and type as hard as you want on your keyboard and keep it moving. Then log back in to your regular account and no one knows a thing. Although you just tweeted how you just found out the dude you sent nudes to (another topic for another blog entry) is married with a kid.

Nail Filing

Remember I said another topic for another blog entry mm’kay? Kewl.

Create new social media personas and vent your heart away. Don’t do it where folks can throw it in your face at some point down the road, and next thing you know someone with a lot of followers sees it, RT’s you and now your mentions are in shambles. People like seeing other people’s drama and will laugh at how stupid you are for putting dumb sh*t on the TL in the first place. I’ve seen it happen and I know you have as well. I’m not saying to NOT share, just be mindful of WHAT you share.

So let’s chill on the Dear Twitter tweets, Dear Instagram quotes and Dear Facebook posts.


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