Blacks in Comics: War Machine


Today in my Blacks in Comics feature, I am going to talk about War Machine. War Machine was created in 1979 by David Michelinie, John Byrne, and Bob Layton for. Marvel Comics. War Machine made his debut in Iron Man #118.

War Machine’s real name is James “Rhodey” Rhodes. He is from South Philadelphia. Rhodey was a pilot in the Marine Corps, who first encounters Iron Man/Tony Stark after they both escape from a Vietcong prison camp. After Rhodey get out the military, and tries a few other jobs, he starts to work for Tony Start has his pilot and body guard. Eventually Rhodey finds out about Tony Stark being Iron Man. When Stark succumbs to his alcoholism, he asks Rhodey to take his place as Iron Man. This happens a few more times, and eventually Rhodey gets his own armor, and takes on the name War Machine. War Machine’s armor is a more heavily weaponized version of Iron Man’s armor. Later, War Machine becomes a member of the Avenger.

War Machine has appeared in all of the Iron Man cartoons, and in the Iron Man movies. He is often the heavy hitter of the Avengers, and a valuable confidant and grounding force for Iron Man. You can read more about War Machine here.


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