Neil Patrick Harris Makes Sleep Look So…..



YAAAAASSS!!!! Neil Patrick Harris better do his thing and come out with an R&B album after watching this music video for neuro SLEEP.

Don’t you want your own bottle and make your own music video now? Get a free bottle of neuro SLEEP here.

Here’s a quick Q&A about neuro SLEEP:

what is neuro SLEEP®?
sleep better and wake up more refreshed. neuro SLEEP® is a tasty blend of good night nutrients like melatonin and magnesium specially formulated to give you the most golden of slumbers.

  • promotes restful sleep
    helps normalize sleep patterns
    is safe and non-habit forming
  • how does neuro SLEEP® work?
    neuro SLEEP® provides nutrients carefully selected to help promote sleep*. melatonin is produced in the body to optimize the sleep cycle and regulate the body’s internal clock. melatonin does not force one to go to sleep, but promotes sleep onset and prepares the body for rest. magnesium is an important electrolyte for proper muscle function and may help influence various factors contributing to a better night’s rest.

    what does neuro SLEEP® do for a person suffering from occasional sleeplessness?
    facilitates relaxation, a necessary step in the process of sleep.*
    gently promotes sleep onset, i.e., the process of becoming sleepy.*
    can increase total sleep time.*
    may improve sleep efficiency. this is the quality of sleep achieved during the night for each sleep cycle (there are 5-6 per night).*
    can help re-balance your sleep/wake cycle. if you’re all out of sorts from travel or erratic sleep behavior, neuro SLEEP® can help re-establish your natural sleep rhythm.*

    when should i drink neuro SLEEP®?
    when you are ready for sleep. you should feel the effects shortly after consumption.

    how much neuro SLEEP® should i drink?
    the amount required varies by individual. some drink only a few sips; others drink the entire bottle. start by consuming 1/3 of the bottle and increase or decrease consumption to achieve the optimal effect. this is based on the efficacy of melatonin. effective dosages range from 0.3 mg – 3 mg and sometimes higher for certain individuals. each bottle of neuro SLEEP® contains 3 mg of melatonin.

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