Welcome all Students! Anime 101 is Ready to Begin.

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Who loves anime? We do!

Vixenvarsity welcomes you to Anime 101. Here we will talk about anime, new and old. 

Also, it is important that you remember to keep an open mind. We will throw a lot of different anime genres at you to add a bit of flavor.

Now here is a little about me, your professor. Yes, like most of you, “Dragon Ball Z” stole my heart at the age of seven and with that, my virginity to all things anime. I have been a fan-boy ever since, and have not stopped watching.

I like open discussion, questions, and debate. So, please feel free to express yourself by flooding each post with comments.

In true anime fashion, I will end each post with a preview of the next. So, stay tuned Otaku!

Up Next: What’s New Anime? 

KILL la kill (2)

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