What’s New Anime? Kill La Kill

KILL la kill (2)If there ever was a reason to wear a school uniform, I’ve found it!

“Kill La Kill” centers around the life of a school girl, who loses her father at the hand of a mysterious villain armed with a pair of scissors. Finding her father impaled, he leaves her a single parting gift, a “Kamui” uniform. It may not sound like much, but in the hierarchy that revolves around “Goku” uniforms (school uniforms), it is like no other.

blog kamuiThis anime is impressively over the top, delivering more skin and action than the “WWE” and “TNA” combined. I love watching this fast pace, nail biting adventure unfold. If I had a rating system, I would say this title is “OVER 9,000!” 

Well…now that my scouter is broken, I’ll give you a preview to my next post.

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