WT*BLEEP* Billy Ray Cyrus

Some things just can NOT be unseen and this video is one of them. *sigh* I am just absolutely MORTIFIED by what the *bleep* I just saw. Billy Ray Cyrus did a Hip/Hop/Rap version of his “Achy, Breaky Heart” song with some “rapper” named Buck. Idk who he is and I’m not looking him up. The struggle rap verses multiplied by these struggle twerkers is just cause for dousing my eyes with acid so I can look like Cordelia. (AHS: Coven reference)




You are doing WAYYYYY too much Billy Ray. Have a *bleeping* seat! I can handle it from Miley, but you sir? NOPE! So Billy Ray Cyrus to you I say, *in my Kanye voice*


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