Adult Film Actress Sues Production Company For Syphilis Exposure From Mr. Marcus


Because of my ties with the adult industry, I have a few little “birdies” who tip me off about information that should cause a few eyebrows or so to raise. This topic is one of them. Here’s the cliff notes. Pornstar Mr. Marcus had tested reactive for syphilis, thought it was a rash, put Carmex on his dingaling, got a shot in the ass from the doctor, changed his test results went on set and had sex with his co-star. The end. Now, his co-star, Lylith LaVey is SUING the porn company BangBros for having exposed her to syphilis from veteran porn star, Mr. Marcus. LaVey already sued Mr. Marcus and was awarded a judgment back in 2013.


A judge today ruled that an adult film actress can begin seeking a default judgment against a fellow actor who she alleges exposed her to syphilis. Heather DeAngelo, known in the porn industry as Lylith Lavey, sued Marcus Spencer after finding out that he had the communicable disease, according to her complaint filed in September 2012 in Los Angeles Superior Court. The suit alleges fraud, negligence, battery, intentional infliction of emotional distress. In a written ruling issued Thursday and finalized today, Judge Amy Hogue said courts typically take less severe action before imposing such a severe measure as opening the door to a possible default judgment. But she said such a step is appropriate in this case. “It appears (Spencer) has abandoned his defense of this case,” Hogue wrote. The judge wrote that DeAngelo believes her career has been hurt by her exposure to syphilis. “She feels that her reputation in the adult film world has been diminished as a result of filming with (Spencer),”.

After suing Mr. Marcus, Lylith LaVey is going after BangBros.

 Now, porn production company BangBros is getting sued by a performer who was unknowingly exposed to the disease during a scene with him. The lawsuit by Heather DeAngelo, who performs under the name Lylith LaVey, alleges that BangBros should have known that Mr. Marcus had syphilis when he performed a scene with her in 2012, City News Service reports. DeAngelo’s lawsuit claims that even though she did not contract syphilis from Mr. Marcus, she suffered emotional distress when she found out that she was exposed to the disease, as well as undeserved scorn from people in her life.


Here’s my issue with this WHOLE thing regarding Mr. Marcus, Lilith LaVey and BangBros. This is a still from the BangBros shoot NSFW DO NOT OPEN IF YOU’RE AT WORK OR DON’T WANT TO KNOW WHAT AN INFECTED SYPHILIS LOOKING PENIS LOOKS LIKE and you can OBVIOUSLY tell that this man did not just break out with the chicken pox on his schlong. As a woman and with knowledge of all types of STD’s out there you just do NOT go around and put your mouth on a penis that looks like THAT. Lylith LaVey was OBVIOUSLY scared, just take a look at her eyes. She should have had common sense or even care about her well-being to say “NO. I’m not putting my mouth on that.” and walk out of the shoot. If you feel your life or health is at risk on a shoot, you don’t HAVE to do it. Seriously, you don’t… at the end of the day it is YOUR BODY.

Last year I interviewed Mr. Marcus EXCLUSIVELY for BallerAlert about his syphilis “issues”. Here’s a few excerpts.

On Whether He Intentionally Infected His Co-Stars With Syphilis
“I did not go out there and try to f***ing intentionally get anybody infected. From my heart man, up to God, I thought it was something that was just a skin rash. I went out and bought some damn Carmex lotion (it’s an everyday hydrating lotion), I put it on [my penis] and I thought it made it look better. That coupled with things going on with my hands, little brown spots or whatever, I looked things up on the internet and I’m telling you, only thing that came up was a vitamin deficiency and that I need more vitamins. I went out and bought vitamins and Carmex.

Syphilis is called the great imitator it supposedly looks like other diseases, problems, symptoms and it’s never related to just a std. 20 years in this business and only STD’s I was aware of is gonorrhea and chlamydia.

You gotta understand that when I worked with that girl I had a FRESH test. NOTHING came back saying, hey you need to go to the doctor, get a checkup, a shot, not a single damn thing. I used the lotion and it made it look better.”

On Wishing He Handled The Situation Differently
“In hindsight, I wish I did it way differently but I DID NOT KNOW and I wanna make that very clear. By the time my doctor’s appointment came around, back on July 11th or so, he was like ‘your symptoms look like it could be syphilis.’ First time I ever heard that word. The doctor said it’s easy, it’s a simple fix (shot in the rear), a simple bacteria, look it up, syphilis is non contagious 24 hours after that shot. The medicines worked because not a single person I worked with before, during, or after that shoot was infected and that’s the truth, that’s the bottom f***ing line.”

You can read the interviews that I did with Mr Marcus here and part two here.

I reached out to Mr. Marcus via twitter and since I had already interviewed him to get his take on this, no tweets have been returned, he does have my number so who knows, he might just surprise me.

Via: and DailyNews

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