“Black Widow” movie, maybe?

20140213-120059.jpgIn an interview that Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige gave to Total Film, he indicated that there has been some development work done on a Black Widow solo movie. This doesn’t mean there will definitely will be a Black Widow, but it’s good that they are potentially working on a movie with the main character being a woman. There are so many cool female characters that deserve their own movies. And not just with Marvel. DC has a few female characters who are more than deserving of a female character. I know MizCaramelVixen would faint if they would do a Ms. Marvel or Wonder Woman movie. Lol. These are just a few that I would love to see. Let’s make it happen Marvel and DC. Hell, the movie industry in general. I have daughters, and if Ant-Man can get a movie, Ms. Marvel deserves her own movie. Hey, just saying. Let me know what you think. Would you be down with seeing a movie about a female character from DC or Marvel?

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