Blacks in Comics: Blade

20140213-092838.jpgToday, in my series on Blacks in Comics, I am going to discuss Blade. Blade was created by Marv Wolfman and Gene Colan for Marvel Comics. Blade made his debut in The Tomb of Dracula #10(July 1973). Blade has appeared in is own self titled books, as well as movies, cartoons, and a television series.

Blade was born as Eric Brooks to a whore in London. His mother had complications during birth, and the madam summoned a doctor to help. The doctor turned out to be Deacon Frost, a vampire. Frost feasted on and killed Blades mother. During this attack, certain enzymes were passed to the newborn, giving him some of the abilities of vampires. The rest of the prostitutes in the brothel chased off Frost, saving Blade. Blade was raised by the prostitutes in the brothel. At the age of nine, Blade helped a man who was being attacked by vampires. The man was Jamal Afari, a vampire hunter. Afari stayed at the brothel, training Blade to become a vampire hunter as well. Blade become an outstanding hand to hand combatant, and very adapt at using edged weapons, earning the name Blade.

Blade’s mentor was murdered by Dracula, and Blade tracked Dracula throughout the world to get his revenge. That has been a reoccurring theme in all of Blades self titled books. He has battled Dracula many times, and has come close to killing him many times as well. Dracula has always escaped, which has only caused Blade to become more determined to kill him.

20140213-104656.jpgBlade was a pretty obscure Marvel character for a long time, until Wesley Snipes brought him to life in the big screen adaptions. This caused his popularity and notoriety to explode. Blade has also been featured in an anime style tv series, and a live action TV show. The show only lasted one season, which was a shame. The show was actually getting better as the season went along.

You can check here to learn more about Blade. He is a pretty cool character who has really come into his own over the past twenty years.

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