Throwback Thursday! The Legend of Jubei Kibagami

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Jubei Kibagami is a relic from the Japanese feudal era. A samurai, often depicted as a ninja, was loosely based on the life of Jubie Yagyu, a real master swordsman of his time. He had a prominent effect through the pages of history, and continues to influence the stories of many great heroes who stand in his shadow.

Jubei is most famous for his starring roles in Ninja Scroll,  Ninja Scroll: The Series, and Ninja Resurrection. However, he has made appearances in many forms of media such as manga, anime, and video games which include Samurai Shodown, BlazBlu, and Onimusha 2: Samurai’s Destiny.


Blog old jubieHe is often illustrated wearing a sword guard wrapped in leather, covering his left eye. There are many legends surrounding the loss of his eye. Some say it was lost during a duel with his father. While most agree, some conclude he never lost his eye. The eye patch was just there to make things more interesting.

Hmmmmm…Doesn’t that remind you of someone?

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Whatever the case, Jubei has become a template for which so many iconic characters have been built upon. The most iconic to date would be none other than “Big Boss” a.k.a. “Naked Snake.” He is the modern day Jubei Kibagami. Their origins may be different but their stories are connected by a single truth, both were considered to be the best soldiers of their time. They even sport matching eye patches.

Still don’t see the resemblance? Take a look at Raiden, the modern day version of “Solid Snake” (a genetic clone of Naked Snake), who just happens to be a swordsman conveniently sporting an eye patch. Coincidence or conspiracy? You decide.

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