*** @hollywood_trey’s February #BestNetflixFilms List (Romance)***


Since it’s February, I decided to go through all of Netflix to find the best “Romance” films they have to offer.


Cruel Intentions, Sleepless in Seattle, Good Will Hunting, The Graduate, New York I Love You, Heavenly Creatures, Mona Lisa Smile, Pretty in Pink, Good Deeds, Lost in Translation, Broken Flowers, IQ, An Officer and a Gentleman, Eagle vs. Shark, Blue Valentine, Lars and the Real Girl, The Truman Show, Hearts and Souls, Leaving Las Vegas, Y Tu Mama Tambien, Say Anything, Grease, 13 Going on 30, Cry-Baby, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Ghost,  Forrest Gump, Heathers, Coming to America, Clueless, Runaway Bride, Friends with Kids, She’s All That, 35 and Ticking, Superstar, Outsourced, Adventureland, Chasing Amy, Tomcats, Safety Not Guaranteed, Drop Dead Fred, American Wedding, The Truman Show, Hearts and Souls, License to Drive, Trippin, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, Grease, Some Like It Hot, Sex Drive, Heartbreakers

…Please keep in mind that Netflix switches their films daily. So if you search for a film and it’s no longer available, Please let me know and I will make the correction. Also, you may see the same films on some of the list…that’s only because some films can fit into more than one genre category.

As always…no, you will NOT like every film I listed…but if you are unsure of the movies you would like, follow me at @hollywood_trey and I’ll recommend films based on your personal taste. ***I will add to this list as more films are available***

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day, lovers.

Updated February 14th, 2014

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