Senator @CoryBooker Funniest Politician On Twitter Part Deux

While I follow Senator Cory Booker on twitter because I admire him and the work that he does…I also follow him for another reason. Our New Jersey Senator is full of hilarious, sarcastic and pun-tastic tweets! Let me tell you something, right now as I am typing this article, I am HOWLING because he just said the funniest thing ever. Now it might not mean much to you guys, but I follow certain people on twitter that have been joking about the snow and Valentine’s Day. “Sorry you didn’t get your present, it’s been delayed because of the storm.” tweets have been on my timeline since yesterday from people that didn’t get anyone anything. With THAT said, Senator Cory Booker tweeted not too long ago the following:

I CAN’T BREATHE!!! 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

*wipes tears* Here are a couple more funny tweets from Senator Cory Booker


Yeah, he’s hilarious!

Tomorrow Senator Booker is hosting a Big Brothers/Big Sisters event and those attending will be seeing the Lego Movie. That’s so dope.


From his love of Star Trek to his Sci-Fi channel shows Warehouse 13 & Eureka, it’s good to see a politician that doesn’t just tweet all about politics. Keep it up, sir! Hope you posts pictures of the event tomorrow!

Check out Cory Booker’s funniest tweets part 1 here.

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