WT*BLEEP* Happy Valentine’s Day! Here’s My Skin In A Jar- GRAPHIC CONTENT!!!


There are a couple of ways that you can remove someone’s name off of your body when you get a tattoo. Get a cover up, draw a name through it, put VOID on it or you can do what Torz Reynolds did….slice the tattoo off.


Torz Reynolds had been dating Stuart “Chopper” May for two years, and she was so loved-up that she had a tattoo featuring his name on her arm that said “Chopper’s Bitch”.

When he told her he was moving to Alaska to start a dream job, Torz did what any supportive girlfriend would do and saw him off at the airport in a tearful separation.

But Torz discovered to her horror a week later that Chopper hadn’t left the country at all, and was allegedly back at his home in Tiptree, Essex.

It is claimed he is now seeing someone else.
Realising her relationship was well and truly finished, the 26-year old wanted rid of her name tattoo.

But rather than having it professionally removed by a laser or covered up with another inking, Torz used a SCALPEL to carefully cut the skin off her arm with the tattoo on it – using no anaesthetic and using only a bottle of Vasocaine numbing spray to halt the bleeding.

After 90 minutes slicing, she then used a pair of dissection tweezers to peel the skin back and remove it completely.

And in a grim pre-Valentine’s Day gift, she stuffed the arm skin into a jar, wrapped it up with a bow and sent it via recorded delivery to her former lover, checking the status of the delivery so she would know for a fact that her 24-year-old ex had received it.

Here’s the Valentine’s Day gift that Torz sent to Chopper.

“…the end of the day it’s only skin and it will grow back.” -Torz Reynolds

It looks like Torz Reynolds is a pro at slicing and dicing names off her body. Here’s a picture from her facebook page back in December of last year.


So, I’m thinking that it is safe to say that Torz is a pro with a scalpel and that anyone dealing with her better keep one eye open or better yet, don’t cheat on her. She seems a little ummmm WT*BLEEP* crazy to me, but who am I to judge. Sheeeeiiiiittt I’m not trying to get cut, feel me? πŸ˜† I’m just going to have to call Torz Reynolds Harley Quinn from now on, because…well yeah.

Happy Valentine’s Day Chopper! Hope you enjoyed your gift!!!

Ain’t love grand!

Source: DailyStar

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