I’m Dalal Monroe, Your Culinary Arts Professor


*Throwing sprinkles* hi all!!! I’m known for that line lol.  I’m Dalal, a caterer and I will be writing articles for Vixen Varsity between cooking, health and parenting.  Now to know me is to know I LOVE FOOD AND COOKING IT!!!  I love everything about food, learning new cooking techniques and recipes from quick meals to meals from scratch.  I personally feel food is love.  It can bring people together and warm the heart.

What most people don’t know is that I’m a two time stroke survivor (suffered two strokes in the month of February 2011) and I have a hole in my heart.  So my health is very important to me especially being the mother of two beautiful little girls.  Here’s were the parenting comes into play.  I’ve been the single parent, the only parent and now I’m in a great relationship where together we are raising these girls to be great women some day.  I’m looking forward to writing for Varsity Vixen, sharing my thoughts and views and being asked questions.  I appreciate the opportunity let’s make magic!

Here’s just a sample of dishes that I’ve cooked and I can’t wait to post these recipes


Send all questions to [email protected] and it will be posted here. Until then…. I’m still

*Throwing sprinkles*

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