Blacks in Comics: Rocket

20140219-132136.jpgToday in my series on Blacks in Comics, I am going to talk about Icon’s sidekick, Rocket. Rocket was created by Dwayne McDuffie and Denys Cowan for Milestone Comics. She made her debut in Icon #1(May 1993).

Rocket’s real name is Raquel Ervin. She grew up in Paris Island, the slums of Dakota. She was running with the wrong group, and met Icon while trying to rob her house. When their robbery attempt was thwarted by Icon, she convinced him to become a super hero and let her be his sidekick. He fashioned her an inertia belt, which allowed her to control kinetic energy. Even though Rocket is Icon’s sidekick, she is the driving force in the book. She is like the Katu to the Green Hornet. She helped show Icon how much good he could do with his powers, and to see the plight of the less fortunate in America.

Rocket has appeared on many episodes of the Young Justice cartoon. She has always been a cool character. Gail Simone wanted to use Rocket in the “Wonder Woman” comic, but DC didn’t allow it. I hope DC does more with all these wonderful characters that would add needed color to their universe. You can read more about Rocket here.


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