Comic Book Pick of the Week 2/20/2014

This was a slim week for me. Only had to pick between two titles, Daredevil nf Captain America. I went with Dareveil #36.

20140220-133751.jpgthis was the final issue of this volume of Daredevil. With this whole Marvel Now thing, they are starting over next month with a new #1. I m not a huge fan of this whole renumbering thing, but nothing I can do about it. This was the culmination issue of everything Mark Waid has been doing so far with Daredevil. I won’t spoil it, but there is a huge satisfying payoff in the end. I have really enjoyed Waid’s work on Daredevil, and I am looking forward to wait they do next with him. Daredevil has been one of the most consistent books I have ever read. There is never too much going on, and the payoffs are always big. If you have been sleeping on Daredevil, I suggest you pick up the new #1 on a month, and get the trades for Mark Waid’s run.

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